Finishing Salt Packaging Design for Tasty Salt

фінішної солі «Смачна Сіль»
дизайн серії упаковок фінішної солі «Смачна Сіль»






  • Retouching
  • Concept Development
  • Packaging Design


Salt is the oldest known natural food seasoning in history. People all over the world use it while cooking or eating food. It is an excellent flavour enhancer, enhances natural food flavours and better reveals the individuality of any dish. And if you take, at first glance, such a simple product as sea salt and make it even better, give it a more original and expressive bright taste shade? This, it would seem, is a simple and at the same time ambitious task that TM Pripravka has set before itself. And we were asked with creating an equally bright packaging design for such an original product.
Дизайн серії паковання фінішної солі «Смачна Сіль»


"Tasty Salt" is a finishing salt that is added a few minutes before the dish is ready or immediately before serving. This is a simple and convenient product for everyone, so the packaging design had to be simple, light and bright. Each package has a special combination of contrasting colors and a picture of the main ingredients that are added to the salt and give it an original and unique taste. In addition, each package has a transparent window of a characteristic shape, so that everyone can easily see what they are buying. These are simplified shapes of sea waves indicating the origin of the salt. As a result, we have the same bright packaging as the taste that the dish together with "Tasty Salt".

Дизайн паковання фінішної солі «Смачна Сіль» з памезаном та розмарином
Дизайн паковання «Смачна Сіль» з копченою паприкою і з часником та цибулею
Дизайн паковання копченою фінішної солі «Смачна Сіль»
Дизайн паковання «Смачна Сіль» з часником та цибулею
Дизайн паковання «Смачна Сіль» з пармезаном та орегано і копчена
Дизайн паковання «Смачна Сіль» з копченою паприкою
фінішної солі «Смачна Сіль»
фінішної солі «Смачна Сіль»

Project team and roles

Vataga Agency

Art Director & Graphic Designer— Kostya Khmelyuk

Graphic Designer — Nataliya Duda

Photography — Taras Gipp

Superviser — Marta Khmarna

Retoucher — Khrystyna Matvijtsiv

Project Manager — Ostap Malashnyak


Marketing director — Olga Romaschenko

Product manager — Anna Repikhova

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