Logo Design

We can create a recognizable brand logo, which is an important stage in building a unified visual communication system between a brand and a customer.

A successful logo creates an immediate mental connection to the brand and accentuates its unique features, compared to competitors. A trademark is a clear identifier, which helps the customer, within seconds, pick the product they trust most. An easily recognizable logo, along with a unique color scheme and fonts, has to meet the brand values which are at the core of a unified graphic system, presented in all corporate identity carriers.

How it Works

  1. Client Brief

    At this initial stage, we sit down with the client and create a thorough technical specification, as well as pin down the core features and nature of the project.

  2. Competition Analysis

    We perform a thorough analysis of the domestic and international market trends and best practices, in order to determine ways to differentiate the logo.

  3. Concept Creation

    We approach every project on a case-by-case basis - logo design has to be unique and personal, therefore, each case requires fundamentally different approaches and skill sets.

  4. Vision Presentation

    Usually we create several solutions and present visuals that show how a new logo could work within a real campaign.

  5. Concept Choice & Revision

    After concept discussions, ideas to make minor changes to the chosen logo might occur. Someone might say: ‘I think this color is really trendy right now. Shall we try incorporating it?’. In most cases, however, at this stage the client is presented with a well thought out and well-founded solution, so this step may be redundant.

  6. Preparation of Deliverables

    At this final stage, we prepare all the necessary materials, both for print and web use. In addition, the client gets a small logo book, explaining brand and logo guidelines. Now your brand is ready to be seen by the world!

Your logo is the face of your business, an element of your unique personality. A truly great logo will exist outside of time and trends. We create logos based on well thought-out decisions. They are not just made, they are created, with the ultimate goal of being expressive, long-lasting and recognizable.

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