Brand Book

A brand book allows you to structure and systematize brand information and preserve the integrity of your visual concept.

Corporate Identity allows us to use a number of graphic elements, shapes, as well as colors and shades to create unique personalized brand images, which help the customer quickly and easily identify and remember the brand. A brand book helps to organize and systematize all brand information, develop a unified set of guidelines of use, and preserve brand integrity in all communications with customers.

How it Works

  1. Creative Brief

    With the client’s input, we form a detailed technical specification and assess the amount of work, which in turn, depends on the number of corporate style carriers and brand activity.

  2. Identity Concept Development

    As a rule, we present our clients with several concepts of corporate identity which helps better envision the future brand, its character and features.

  3. Vision Presentation

    We discuss the proposed concepts with the client, coordinate and perfect them. This part of the project is integral in forming the brand’s visual style.

  4. Design Development for Chosen Carriers

    Based on the chosen concept and a previously agreed upon brand book list, we develop designs for required corporate identity carriers. We create deliverables to present to the client.

  5. Guidelines of Use

    We develop branded elements and explain in detail how they are to be used. The brand book lists standards to follow in printing, business documentation, various types of products, and web environment.

  6. Preparation & Transfer of Deliverables

    We finalize and transfer all the necessary materials along with use guidelines, allowing the client to immediately put their fruit of labor to use, by branding a space, starting an ad campaign on external media or on the Internet.

A brand, its positioning, name, logo and corporate identity directly affect the nature and volume of the brand book, as well as the list of corporate style carriers, and work specificity. Therefore, developing corporate identity and a brand book is always a custom solution, tailored to fit your brand.

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