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We deliver creative branding solutions for people who love what they do

Our work

The core of our business is corporate and product branding. We live and breathe branding – whether it’s logos, corporate style and brand books, packaging, or labels, we’ve got it covered. We are motivated by results and will deliver high quality solutions for all your branding needs. We don’t simply create pretty pictures, we design branding solutions that will deliver. Our passion is creating effective designs that work for you and your business. And we love working with people who love what they do as much as we do.

What’s the best kind of brand? An understandable and approachable one! Brands thrive when they are understandable. Simplicity helps connect a brand to its customer and it is a proven strategy that drives consumer decisions. We believe in thinking big and know that great design can make a brand, product, or service more interesting and appealing to a wide audience.

Our core values are hard work, sincerity, and fruitful cooperation. Working closely with our clients is crucial for the success of any project; our priority is working with a client who clearly understands what they want and who will trust us to make it happen. When what you create helps someone every day, it motivates you to do it again and again!

Clients, who were lucky to work with us

  • Ardis Group
  • Brouche
  • Arley Sign
  • Bank lviv
  • CoreValue
  • Cosmos
  • Innovo
  • Jabil
  • Kormotech
  • Lviv IT Cluster
  • Mukko
  • Mykulyn
  • N-IX
  • Oliyar
  • Pripravka
  • Propeller Aero
  • Radymo
  • Rovas
  • Rubicon Group
  • Terra
  • Vizex
  • SoftServe
  • BKK
  • Veres
  • Ururu
  • Kivsh
  • abmk
  • Miy Dvir
  • Arsen
  • Rozkvit
  • Ferenc
  • Rembrant
  • Zelen’ z Dorosheva
  • Saint Charbel
  • Chem Elements
  • Lviv Gingerbread Workshop

Meet the team

We are lucky to spend most of our time doing what we love. We think it’s really important for you to not only find the person who’s right for the job, but one you can relate to.

Nazar Kumanovskyi

Co-Founder / Director

Kostyantyn Khmelyuk

Co-Founder / Creative Director

Marta Khmarna

Art Director

Solomiia Zarazivska

Graphic Designer

Illya Tymoschenko

Graphic Designer / ZSU Serviceman

Previously, we had the pleasure of working with:

  • Yaroslav Turenko (Web Designer)
  • Roman Kapiy (Copywriter)
  • Yuriy Formusyak (Graphic Designer)
  • Nadiya Dmytrechuk (Graphic Designer)
  • Yaryna Bakhovska (Copywriter)
  • Andriy Holovenets (Web Developer)
  • Lisa Kuznietsova (Graphic Designer)
  • Tetyana Kharlova (Graphic Designer)
  • Viktor Hupalo (Graphic Designer)
  • Nataliya Duda (Graphic Designer/Illustrator)
  • Oleksandra Bobak (Graphic Designer)
  • Elza Sahura (Creator/Copywriter)
  • Marta Khmarna (Junior Art Director/Retoucher)
  • Maria Platko (Graphic Designer)
  • Khrystia Matiitsiv (Graphic Designer)
  • Liusia Vavryniv (Graphic Designer)
  • Alisa Drobysheva (Graphic Designer)
  • Sophia Zorya (Creator/Copywriter)
  • Armine Scarlosh (Graphic Designer)
  • Alina Kravchenko (Graphic Designer)

What customers say

Passionate professionals who are personally involved and completely invested in a project and its success; they deserve the highest acclaim thanks to the quality of their work in packaging design and a skillfully crafted approach to project management.

Olha Romashchenko

Marketing Director at “Pripravka”

Vataga Agency is a reliable partner and a team of professionals who are sure to introduce interesting and productive advertising solutions and always deliver projects of various levels of complexity in a creative and timely manner.

Nataliya Yonik

Head of Human Resources at «Jabil Ukraine»

Vataga Agency is a young, dynamically developing team. Working with us they have proven themselves as a reliable and highly qualified partner, who always presents a creative approach in project completion and generates eye-catching, creative ideas.

Ihor Blystiv

Marketing Director at “Kormotech”

They are motivated professionals who combine passion, creativity and responsibility to achieve excellent results. Vataga Agency always skillfully deals with deadline contingencies while maintaining excellence in quality!

Anna-Mariia Yanchak
Digital Engagement Manager at «N-iX»

What sets the Vataga Agency staff apart is their exceptional professional approach, the ability to objectively assess a situation and take all of the client’s wishes into consideration. They are detail-oriented, mindful of deadlines and pleasant to work with.

Vitalii Zhdan

Director at «Ardis»

Contemporary strategy and design solutions, deadline awareness, professional integrity and immense care for a client’s brand. Whatever you might be looking for in a good agency — Vataga Agency has it all. I sincerely recommend working with them!

Dmytro Barchishchak
Co-Founder and CEO at «Moonhauzen»

We’re happy to discuss any questions you might have!