Key Visual

We can create a vivid emotional image that's memorable and clearly emphasizes the unique features of your brand or product.

Successful advertising imagery will help make your brand recognizable, tell a story that prompts your customers to embrace a range of emotional decisions. This is not just a short-term sales promotion, but a long-term boost to brand loyalty and trustworthiness. Your ultimate goal is to evoke positive emotions, whenever a customer thinks of your brand.

How it Works

  1. Client Brief

    At this initial stage, we sit down with the client and create a thorough technical specification, as well as pin down the core features and nature of the project.

  2. Concept Development

    We develop several ideas, draw sketches and create a thorough presentation to determine which strategy to pursue and which style of implementation to choose.

  3. Coordination of a Photo Shoot

    Depending on the project concept, we find the necessary props, hire fashion or food stylists.

  4. Preparation & Transfer of Deliverables

    Post-production and preparation of files of different formats for print, and file adaptation for web use.

Advertising imagery is another key to better communication with your client. It is a way to not only inform them about something, but be engaging, evoke certain emotions, be interesting.

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