Packaging Design

We create packaging that speaks for itself, attracts attention, evokes positive emotions and encourages people to buy your product.

A customer should be drawn to and excited by your product. Contemporary packaging design has to contain maximum information important to the consumer: the price, quality, unique features and benefits of the product. Therefore, the the look of your product is often the most important, determining factor in a customer’s final choice.

How it Works

  1. Client Brief

    At this initial stage, we sit down with the client and create a thorough technical specification, as well as pin down the core features and nature of the project.

  2. Product & Competition Analysis

    In addition to a previously agreed upon set of tasks, we will conduct a detailed analysis of existing market trends in order to identify the widest range of possible solutions.

  3. Concept Development

    How do you imagine your packaging design? Minimal, vivid, sophisticated, featuring artwork or not? We will provide you with several concepts, representing different styles to choose from.

  4. Approval of the Design

    The chosen concept is refined, adapted to real conditions, and made more complex. On the basis of the provided information, we create a draft model.

  5. Extension to the Entire Product Line

    Once the final design concept is approved, all other design items are created. Brand perception integrity, and simplicity of assortment differentiation, are key factors that determine a customer’s choice.

  6. Coordination of a Styled Photo Shoot

    If the chosen packaging design concept involves the creation of original food photography, we coordinate a styled photo shoot and subsequent post-processing and retouching.

  7. Preparation of Files for Print

    We prepare all project files for printing, taking into account the outlined mandatory technical requirements. We recommend conducting a test print to ensure correct color reproduction, contrast and readability of all design elements of the label.

  8. Adaptation to Other Types of Packaging

    A product can be presented in different kinds of packaging. If necessary, we can adapt the design, considering all technical nuances, and prepare files for print.

Are you looking to create a new product, move up to a different price range, change your target audience, or simply remind the customers about your product, by updating its look? Well, there are no quick fixes in achieving these goals. Packaging design is always a custom solution. It is a project that involves a lot of research, planning, relying on sets of principles and rules. But in the end, these contribute to your brand’s success.

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