Brand Positioning

We look for that special something to set the brand apart, and then use it to win over customers.

Positioning is basically your brand’s voice and we want to find the right words to speak to your customer. We aim to create a clear, structured and detailed description of the key components of your brand or product: its benefits, target audience, unique trade offers and unique features, brand mission and philosophy, its image and individuality, and what makes it stand out among competition.

How it Works

  1. Client Brief

    At this initial stage, we sit down with the client and create a thorough technical specification, as well as pin down the core features and nature of the project.

  2. Identifying Your Target Audience

    A clear understanding of your target audience and its actual needs will help create an offer they will not be able to resist.

  3. Product & Competition Analysis

    Complete awareness of your own product and its features will allow you to build and implement an effective plan for the brand development and make it a stand-out on the market.

  4. Vision Presentation

    We provide the client with clearly defined positioning, values and reasons that are sure to convince their customer to choose the product over any other.

An idea and positioning are the basis for other important attributes of a brand or a product, i.e.: naming, slogan, packaging and an adequate way of communicating your ideas to your customer.

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