The modern world forces everyone to live at a fast pace, keeping up with trends, coming up with new approaches, new solutions and new ideas. We can inject new life into your brand by introducing fresh ideas, a new logo or new messaging.

If a brand starts losing customers and ceases to grow, cannot keep up with competition, or does not offer its customers anything new – it is time to think consider a make-over. Updating the look of a brand is a natural reaction to the changes happening within it. It is an opportunity to become more relevant to customer preferences, market trends, the business environment and competition.

How it Works

  1. Defining Goals & Objectives

    At this initial stage, we sit down with the client and create a thorough technical specification, as well as pin down the core features and nature of the project.

  2. Analysis of the Existing Brand

    The purpose of performing a thorough analysis of an existing brand or product is to determine why the customer no longer finds it relevant, and to determine how fundamental of a change the brand needs to undergo.

  3. Development of an Upgrade Concept

    At this stage, we re-work the main components of brand identity. We develop new positioning, logo, corporate style, and change brand communication.

  4. Vision Presentation

    We present the client with new concepts. After a discussion, we agree on a direction and final details to refine.

  5. Revision & Completion of the Chosen Concept

    We implement the rebranding strategy, by creating design for the necessary corporate identity carriers and a brand book with clear guidelines.

  6. Preparation & Transfer of Deliverables

    We finalize and transfer all the necessary materials, along with guidelines, allowing your brand or product to immediately start a new life.

Rebranding gives your brand a new voice, keeping the most successful messages and adding new, relevant, and engaging ones to your arsenal. But surely, there are no quick fixes. Be ready to work hard, be patient and go through various stages, which will eventually bring desired results. Rebranding does not bring immediate change, but it is the kind of change that makes a significant difference in the long run.

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