Website Design

We facilitate seamless brand awareness, by creating an informative user-friendly website.

A web page is first place customers look at to find out more about your brand. The main goal of creating a website is to create a holistic brand image that will have a unique look, original in its content, as well as functional and useful for each visitor or client.

How it Works

  1. Determining Website Type

    First thing to do it to determine what kind of website you’re looking to create. Whether it's a simple landing, image website or a web store that allows online purchases.

  2. Client Brief & Technical Specification

    We discuss the project with the client to clearly understand the task, explain the process and its nuances; we then evaluate completion terms and do a cost estimate.

  3. Information Collection

    One of the most important parts of the project is collecting and preparing all the content - it greatly affects timelines and execution quality. The client provides us with materials, which, if necessary, we will edit.

  4. Website Design Concept

    Upon receipt of all materials from the client, we begin creating a design concept for the site, which is usually presented as a draft version of the main and several internal pages.

  5. Design, Layout & Programming

    After agreeing on a concept, we work on the design of necessary pages, their layout and programming. Creating a website we take adaptability into account, which allows your website to be viewed on any device.

  6. Website Placement

    We place a test site version on a temporary server. After close analysis and required revision, we transfer the site to a previously selected hosting with its own domain name.

  7. Content Management

    Usually we connect the site to a content management system, allowing the client to change, edit and fill the site with the necessary information with no outside help.

  8. Tech Support & Editing

    If necessary, we can create new pages and develop additional functional elements, as well as any other required content for your site.

Depending on the type of site, its complexity and content, the duration of the project can vary from one to four months. The key to rapid project implementation is a well thought-out, detailed technical brief, and work materials provided by the client in a timely manner.

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