Mamma Mia! Garnish Series Packaging Design






  • Concept Development
  • Packaging Design


A series of side dishes “Mamma Mia!” from TM Pripravka are ready-made mixtures for preparing risotto, banoche and polenta. You don’t need to buy a lot of ingredients, determine the exact proportions and spend a lot of time cooking – everything you need is already inside the package. You only need to boil the contents of the package for 15 minutes and dinner for two is ready!

Since this product is quite new for the Ukrainian market, the packaging had to become the main means of communication with the consumer. And our task was to harmoniously combine information about the product with a large, appetizing image of the finished dish with ingredients.


It was important for us that consumers understand what kind of product it is. That's why having a photo of ready-made, appetizing polenta, risotto and banoche was mandatory. To emphasize the naturalness of the product, we added an image of the ingredients next to the finished dish. The combination of the expressive logo of the series with calm craft inscriptions on the packaging illustrates the unsurpassed taste of exquisite Italian side dishes and traditional Ukrainian dishes.

Project team and roles

Vataga Agency

Creative Director, Graphic Designer — Kostya Khmelyuk

Graphic Designer, Retoucher — Marta Khmarna

Graphic Designer — Natalya Duda

Photographer — Taras Gipp

Project Manager — Ostap Malashniak


Marketing Director — Olga Romaschenko

Head of the R&D Department — Tetyana Hristych

Brand Manager — Karina Novoseltseva


Pif Paf Production

Food stylist — Yuliya Malanyuk

Food photo — Serhiy Rud

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