Packaging Design of Radymo Yogurts

Створення дизайну упаковок йогуртів «Радимо»
Створення дизайну упаковок йогуртів «Радимо»






  • Concept Development
  • Packaging Design


The advantage of the “Radymo” brand is natural dairy products, which are made in traditional and understandable ways from farm milk. Therefore, when the company “Radyvylivmoloko” turned to us to create packaging for a new yogurt, we were faced with the task of visualizing the naturalness and authenticity of the product. The design was supposed to broadcast: “Hey, I’m healthy and natural, and with a lot of fruit inside!”.

Створення дизайну упаковок йогуртів «Радимо»


What is the perfect yogurt? There can be many options, but the most important thing is such that you want to eat it right away. We armed ourselves with this thought and focused on a product that is simple, natural and fruity. The heroes of our packaging are universal — bright and juicy fruits that bathe in yogurt and wait for someone to eat them. And this will certainly happen, because it is impossible to walk past them in a supermarket. We created a functional design that allows an in-house designer to expand the line on their own, rather than hiring an agency.

Дизайн йогурта «Радимо» зі смаком персика та маракуї
Створення дизайну упаковок йогуртів «Радимо»
Створення дизайну упаковок йогуртів «Радимо»
Дизайн упаковок йогуртів «Радимо»
Створення дизайну упаковок йогуртів «Радимо»

Project team and roles

Vataga Agency

Creative Director — Kostya Khmelyuk

Art Director — Nazar Kumanovsky

Graphic designer — Maria Platko

Retoucher — Khrystia Matiitsiv

Photographer — Taras Gipp

Project Manager — Ostap Malashnyak


Adviser on Development Issues — Denys Silchenko

Head of the Marketing Department — Iryna Vodyana

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