Packaging Design for ‘Tonginal Express’

Створення дизайну упаковки Tonginal Express
Створення дизайну упаковки Tonginal Express


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  • Concept Development
  • Packaging Design

The Task

Tonginal Express is a new product in the Tonginal series. Unlike the existing drug, the new one is designed for a different category of consumers. These people aren’t ready to take the drug for a long period of time and do not like drops. They need a quick and effective fix that will last all day. Accordingly, when developing the packaging design, we needed to keep some elements of the existing packaging, but at the same time show that the new product is different, works rapidly and is a source of energy for an entire day.

Дизайн упаковок Tonginal Express

The Solution

Because it was important to make the consumer associate the new product with the one already on the market, we used some elements from the existing Tonginal packaging. This is a crimson stripe at the bottom of the package and a characteristic graphic circle. We also tweaked the design of the existing logo. The main advantage of the new product is a three-layer pill. That’s why it was given a prominent spot on package, describing its properties in a simple and clear diagram. Tonginal Express is a high-quality European drug that provides you with energy for the entire day.

Упаковка Тонгінал Експрес та таблетки
Упаковки Tonginal Express
Розробка дизайну упаковки Tonginal Express

Project team and roles

Vataga Agency

Creative Director — Kostya Khmelyuk

Art Director — Nazar Kumanovsky

Graphic Designer & Retoucher — Marta Khmarna

Graphic Designer — Maria Platko

Graphic Designer — Nataliya Duda

Project Manager — Ostap Malashnyak

Omega Pharma Ukraine

Brand Manager — Olena Polnariova

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