Packaging Design for the ‘Cooking with Sauce’ series

Packages of the sauce series Hotuemo v sousi
Packages of the sauce series Hotuemo v sousi






  • Concept Development
  • Packaging Design

The Task

The ‘Cooking with sauce’ series produced by Pripravka™, is a new product for Ukraine, which allows you to cook lunch or dinner for an entire family in under 15 minutes using just a few ingredients. We were tasked with developing a package that would be associated with an easy and quick way of cooking, accentuating the name of the series. The logo had to be easily readable and reflect the key message of the series: “Cooking with sauce is yummy!”

Packages of the sauce series Hotuemo v sousi on the table

The Solution

The series is intended for consumers who lead busy lives and value their time, but are not ready to deny themselves delicious homemade food. We had these very people in mind, while working on the design: light, bright and with a transparent window, showing exactly what it is you’re buying. We created various background color combinations for the sauces, for better differentiation within the line. This decision was called to make it easier for consumers to choose sauces in a supermarket and successfully set them apart in a competitive environment. A mouthwatering style combined with expressive design clearly explains the purpose of sauces and lists dishes that can be prepared with them.

Packages of the sauce series Hotuemo v sousi


As a result, the ‘Cooking with sauce’ series has become a successful project for Pripravka™. The design is recognizable among buyers and perfectly performs its function, telling about a new product on the market. Today, the ‘Cooking with sauce’ series can be purchased in one of the largest national supermarket chains. We definitely recommend trying this yummy treat!

Packaging of sweet and sour sause Hotuemo v sousi on an yellow background
Packages of the sauce series Hotuemo v sousi
Animated image with pakaging of sauses Hotuemo v sousi on a white background
Hotuemo v sousi packshot with dish on the kitchen table

Project team and roles

Vataga Agency

Creative Director — Kostya Khmelyuk

Art Director — Nazar Kumanovsky

Graphic Designer — Marta Khmarna

Photography — Taras Gipp

Project Manager — Ostap Malashnyak


Marketing Director — Olha Romascshenko

Brand Manager — Olena Serdiuk


Pif Paf Production

Food Stylist — Yulia Malaniuk

Food Photography — Serhij Rud’

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