Landing Page for KIVSH Creative Space

Створення лендінг сторінки для креативного простору KIVSH
Створення лендінг сторінки для креативного простору KIVSH






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KIVSH is a modern multifunctional creative space for active, inspired and willing people. A place where everyone exchange experience, join their forces, generate new ideas, implement projects and rise to a new level. KIVSH is located on the territory of the abandoned tool department of the Lviv Forklift Plant. Now it is a modern revitalized area, thought out to the smallest detail. At the time of our acquaintance, KIVSH already had a logo, a vision and a mission. Accordingly, we needed to create a simple and modern landing page that would be as convenient and informative as possible to tell about the location, its advantages and partnership opportunities.

Історія створення креативного простору KIVSH


The landing page of the KIVSH creative space is the minimum amount of important information and maximum clarity. The biggest challenge when creating the page was to find a balance between emotional and functional components. As a result, the site turned out to be concise and informative. We took particular care in integrating the existing corporate style into the digital environment. Bright corporate colors are complemented by emotional patterns, thematic images and encouraging texts. Here you can get to know KIVSH better. Find out about its advantages and what opportunities and partnership options they can offer you. You can join the project and become a partner. In addition, you can synchronise yourself with the calendar of events and choose a space for yourself.

Стартовий екран лендінгу KIVSH
Декстоп та мобільна версії лендінгу KIVSH
Секція лендінгу з подіями в KIVSH
KIVSH це локація кративу
KIVSH це простір для всі креативних індустрій
Секції з вибором приміщення та контактів

Project team and roles

Vataga Agency

Creative Director — Kostya Khmelyuk

Web Developer — Oleksandr Mititelu

Project Manager — Ostap Malashnyak


Head of the marketing department — Kateryna Knyzhitska

Marketer — Iryna Hron

Marketer — Victoria Olishevska

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