Labels Design of the Veres Ketchups Line Made From Fresh Tomatoes

Дизайн етикеток серії кетчупів «Верес» зі свіжих томатів
Дизайн етикеток серії кетчупів «Верес» зі свіжих томатів






  • Concept Development
  • Packaging Design


The company “Veres” is one of the leaders in the market of canned products. It continues to actively develop and follow ecological food trends. Healthy and proper nutrition has always been one of the main trends, which corresponds to the main principles of the company — to create natural and high-quality products for consumers based on the best homemade recipes. The next step in the company’s development was the creation of a series of natural ketchups from fresh tomatoes. Our task was to develop a recognizable label within the existing design code, which was formed in other product lines.


Unlike most manufacturers, Veres ketchup is packaged in transparent glass jars. In this way, the consumer can see the natural color and consistency of the product. We wanted to play with this feature in the design in an interesting way. Therefore, the recognizable elements of the "Heather" packaging and their placement were kept unchanged: a geometric figure in the form of a shield in the very center of the label and a recognizable logo. In order to show the product as informative and interesting as possible, instead of the usual photographic image of tomatoes, we decided to make a transparent window on the label in the shape of the same tomato. Such a decision is a reflection of the transformation of freshly picked tomatoes into a finished product. In addition, you will know for sure that as soon as the "tomato" on the bottle is empty, it is time to go for the next can of natural ketchup.

Дизайн етикеток серії кетчупів «Верес» зі свіжих томатів
Дизайн етикетки томатного кетчупа ТМ «Верес»
Дизайн етикеток лагтдного та гострого кетчупів ТМ «Верес»
Лагідний кетчуп «Верес» з найсвіжіших томатів
Дизайн етикеток серії кетчупів «Верес» зі свіжих томатів

Project team and roles

Vataga Agency

Creative Director — Kostya Khmelyuk

Art Director & Graphic Designer — Nazar Kumanovsky

Retoucher — Marta Khmarna

Photographer — Taras Gipp

Project Manager — Ostap Malashnyak


Category Manager for New Pproducts — Yuliya Yena

Head of the Marketing Department — Natalia Postylniak

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