Labels Redesign for 'Mykulynetsky Napoyi' Soft Drinks

Mykulynetsky Brovar Company is, first of all, famous for its beer products but, at the same time, it successfully develops its production of soft drinks, which was set up over 20 years ago. The enterprise produces 450, 000 decalitres of soft drinks per year. "Mykulynetsky drinks" line has seven flavours: lemon, cherry, apple, black currant, orange, as well as "Lemonade" and "M-Cola".
In cooperation with the company, we updated the design of the soft drinks labels, making them more modern, while preserving the position of elements familiar to the consumer. We decided to give more prominence to the bright juicy image of the fruit on the label, elegantly emphasizing them with the light thematic background patterns. The "M" mascot, which is present on all the manufacturer's products, became more simple and readable but still recognizable for the consumer. It got rid of extra details and took on a more neat pure form. The redesigned label highlights a number of brand benefits, the naturalness of the product being the major one.

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